Invocation Flow
Visualizing function invocation flow with trace-level information and event logs. Helping users to conveniently analyze and understand the transactions.
Simulating transactions at any blocks with arbitrary inputs.
Facilitating users to debug and analyze the transactions without a local environment.
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Balance Change
Showing the balance change of all participating addresses.
Allowing users to get a comprehensive overview of profits and losses.
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Reliable Results
Phalcon can handle complicated transactions and provide reliable results.Try this transaction with 4000+ internal transactions.
High Performance
Phalcon can finish the query and the simulation of a transaction within
Ultimate Usability
Phalcon provides various features to improve the user experience, including quick address taggingcall type and depth filtering,and template-based transaction simulation.
On-Demand Customiztion
Phalcon allows users to customize the mapping of function selectors and address labels. Besides, both dark mode and light mode are supported and can be switched according to users' preferences.